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Emma and Jason – Traverse City Wedding Photography

We first met Emma and Jason through photographing their wedding but I have a feeling we will remain friends with these two! Jason is also a photographer and we were so flattered when they chose us to photograph their wedding. It means a lot to be recognized by other professionals in the field!

Emma and Jason had a beautiful, natural wedding full of DIY projects and personal touches. I find it so admirable when couples put their souls into their big day. All of their time and effort really paid off, and their day felt so intimate, and it truly represented them as a couple. It was the perfect way for them to start their life together!

Congratulations, Emma and Jason. Enjoy the preview!


“If I could make all the mountains spell your name,
And all the old streetcars dance in the rain,
And promise to hold you for all my days,

It wouldn’t be enough
To show you my love.”


Emma and Jason
Traverse City, MI






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